Meet Aimee

Hello!  It's so great to meet you!  I began my passion for photography when I was in high school developing my own firm in a tiny classroom.  I continued to develop my skills during my college years when I took a year off and moved to France.  Wandering the streets of Paris and taking a few class on Fashion and Photography my desire to pursue this as my degree was ignited.  I returned home and received my BFA in photography from the University of North Florida.  Since graduating, I moved to New York to be closer to the fashion scene and after a few years of living the dream in the big apple, I fell in love with close friend from college.  We relocated back to the place where we met, Jacksonville, FL.  My life has taken me on many journeys, but has always brought me back to a familiar place filled with family and friends.  My photography reflects my love of details and the connection between beautiful scenery and the beautiful people I photograph. 

XO Aimee