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Loving words about Aimee Dodds Photography:

I first hired Aimee to do a photo shoot for my new business. She was very professional and amazingly creative. Four years later, I continue to use the same photos and receive great compliments.
— Erin Vincent owner of Evince Design
Aimee’s unique taste and ability to see far beyond the lens makes for her photography to be ahead of its time yet timeless. From editorial to family portraits, Aimee’s professionalism and care for the subject allows for the end result to be truly memorable.
— Jennifer Giusti
I modeled for Aimee in a number of projects in the past. She is a talented photography professional and I recommend anyone to work with her in the future.
— Desiree Manly - Model/Actress
I hired Aimee to do professional photographs of products for my textile business and graduate school Master’s project. The final product was exactly what I was looking for. She is a highly talented, creative, and professional photographer!
— Jill Delavan - Senior CAD Designer at Tommy Hilfiger